Japanese Lessons

Every Friday, you can learn Japanese for free with other Japan Fans! Our Japanese lessons are taught by Yuko Kabashima sensei, a native speaker with a teaching qualification (specifically for Japanese to non-native speakers) and years of experience.

13:30-14:00 Zero beginner/ travel Japanese
14:00-14:45 Beginner Japanese
14:45-15:30 Advanced beginner Japanese

For the Zero Beginner classes, you don’t need any knowledge of Japanese. Just bring a pen, paper and a good mood. You will get an introduction to the Japanese language and practice basic travel sentences that you can use in Japan.

The Beginner Japanese classes  focusses on the basics of Japanese grammar and vocabulary. Having some prior knowledge of hiragana/katakana and basic Japanese grammar is advised.

The Advanced Beginner classes extend the contents of Beginner Japanese classes. Being able tor read hirakana/katakana is necessary.

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Participation is free (a voluntary contribution of €1 per time is certainly welcome). Anyone is free to join one or more of these three blocks.
More practical information can be found in the Japanese Study Group FAQ.

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